Immamuel Approach


Praying process that we can follow to cooperate with God's work of renewing our minds and cleansing our hearts. This connection with God deepens intimacy with God, permanently resolves past pain as well as establishing an on-going relationship with God.

John and Staci Eldridge and Dan Allender Approach


Recognizing that we are born into a world/story - God's Story and that we do have meaning, significance and purpose.

His Story reveals that there is a way things work and we have an enemy. Knowing and experiencing God's heart will lead to engaging and exploring your own heart and sharing your heart with others.

Imago Relationship, John Gottman and Les and Leslie Parrott Approach


Discovering a safe connection with God, yourself and others by choosing to name, face and resolve issues, concerns and problems rather than hide, running away, avoid or blaming self and others. We will be participating with God's work of transforming us to be who He designed us to be.


Arthur Burk, Sylvia Gunter and Stormie O'Martian Prayers


Developing a personal, intimate and conversational relationship with God, so that we can "walk" in His will and in His ways.

Empowering couples to start praying for their spouses rather than focusing on fixing them. To be able to "walk" in the Spirit, we need to nurture and bless our spirits as well as bless others.

Brene' Brown and Caroline Leaf Mind/Body/Spirit


Discover the mind/body/spirit connections in order to enhance your abilities to connect with God, yourself and others. Utilizing the neuroscience breakthroughs proven in scripture, we can learn and apply more successful ways for moving into and through "triggers", hindrances and "stuck places".

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